since 1857

Remaining coherent with our most
authentic identity represents
an essential value for us.

For more than a century and a half we have made wines that are recognizable for their identity, wines with a clear and therefore unmistakable stylistic profile. We have always chosen the path of territorial wines, even when it is method guiding us.

A path that at times is more difficult, but that builds solid relationships. It has never been enough to please our customers. We have always wanted to make them happy.

Bertani timeline

Burgundian soul

Gaetano Bertani travels to Burgundy
and learns from his friend and well-known
winemaker Jules Guyot the most modern
techniques of viticulture and winemaking.

Cav. G.B.Bertani is founded

Brothers Giovan Battista and Gaetano
Bertani establish the winery
in Valpantena.

Secco-Bertani is introduced

In Valpolicella the sweet Recioto is
the everyday wine. Bertani, inspired
by the modern French techniques,
introduces a revolutionary wine with
a dry style.

Regno d’Italia

Proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy,
but Veneto region is included in late 1866.

Bertani participates in
the main italian oenological
exhibitions in Italy of the time

Verona, Milan, Turin. Bertani is
internationally awarded for its
premium quality wines and
innovation in winemaking techniques.

Bertani wines
are exported worldwide

Symposium on Secco Bertani

The Veronese Academy of Agriculture
awards a gold medal to Bertani as an
example of exceptional quality.
A Symposium is held about the
Secco-Bertani winemaking process.

The Royal Family and Bertani

The Royal Family of Savoia
gives Bertani the permission
to use its crest.

Soave Bertani

A wine fit for a King.
Soave Bertani is served at the
lunch for the coronation of George VI.

Reciotto Secco Amarone

1st Official vintage of Amarone
della Valpolicella Classico,
made with a natural appassimento.


The first Bertani single vineyard wine.

Bertani original vintage edition

Secco and Soave Bertani Original
Vintage Edition are introduced,
following the antique recipe.

Cru di Bertani

New project that launches two wines
from single vineyards of Tenuta Novare:
Valpolicella Classico le Miniere and
Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ognisanti.


To have continuity of style
means to be contemporary.

as respect
for tradition

Perpetuating a style has never sufficed. We have always felt the need to keep discussion alive. Being faithful to a mission means respecting what has been done and at the same time, rethinking it every day in order to assure quality worthy of our potential and reputation.



Our values are solid and strong. They are the foundation for a history over 150 years old. Respect for our own territory, stylistic coherence that has never flirted with easy production options – the patience required to produce an iconic wine like Amarone Classico della Valpolicella.

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