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​Respect for nature, first of all, means continuing in the choice of a place such as Tenuta Novare, the true soul of our Amarone.

Respect for our grapes with a natural drying method (or, as we prefer to call it, putting the grapes to rest in the drying room) that has always refused to use any kind of artificial conditioning.  This is not due to any “philosophical” choice on our part, but the tried and tested conviction that this is the only way to get great and distinctive Amarone wines, where elegance prevails over power.

Respect for our wines to allow them to develop all their quality potential in the best possible way. The musts undergo slow fermentation in concrete vats, sometimes for over 50 days. This is a brave decision, full of risks, but supported by the conviction that this is the only way to get high alcohol and glycerol levels and to guarantee rich, elegant aromas. The wine is aged for at least six years in Slavonian oak barrels and matures for a further 12 months in bottle. It is a slow but valuable process to let our Amarone wines develop their elegant aromas and what we consider fundamental characteristics for extraordinary longevity.

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Resting in the drying room

It is absolutely natural or, as we prefer to say, traditional. But that tradition came from studies, analysis and comparisons made in order to understand how to enhance the authentic identity of our grapes. This process has taken place in the same place and the same way for over 50 years. It is a place subject to changes in the weather from September to December. And this is why our Amarone is the fruit of the typical weather changes in this period, which influence the vintage.


This is an important demonstration of the role time plays in our way of conceiving and producing wine. It is a long fermentation, 50 days in concrete vats at a temperature that reaches 18°C, because we know that this is the only way to get a sensory profile full of finesse and elegance and not concentration and opulence. It is a complex decision that forces us even more to guarantee the healthiest selected grapes.


This is the stage when “Bertani time” plays the most important role and becomes the main protagonist; we are convinced that a longer ageing time enhances the identity of our Amarone. It lasts seven years and guarantees harmony within the wine. During this long period of waiting we understand the importance of our production decisions, which are never invasive and always respect the course of nature, even when it seems to go against us.