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BERTANI ACADEMY: 2 - 4 March 2016

BERTANI ACADEMY: 2 - 4 March 2016

The 2nd edition of the Bertani Academy starts today.

Even this year we decided to open the doors of the winery to set up a training project aimed at the study and in-depth knowledge of what represents the essence of Bertani: respect of the terroir and native varieties of Valpolicella, a philosophy and distinctive production method consisting of work in the vineyard and sobriety in the cellar, coherence in time that aspires to the classical.

Amarone Classico represents this philosophy, which has to be experienced firsthand and cannot simply be narrated.The Bertani Amarone Academy has been created for this purpose: to take us back to our original values of agricultural researchers and wine producers that convey a story about the territory and the people with great artisanal knowledge.

There will be a series of wide-ranging and in-depth sessions, held by "teachers" from the very same Bertani, who are involved on a daily basis in the production of Amarone Classico. There will also be the participation of scientific specialists from the sector, comparative tastings of Valpolicella wines and other events.