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Giant Snails and Swallows, made from coloured recycled plastic, have settled down in the magnificent scenery of Tenuta Novare. This initiative by Bertani has been carried out to communicate the passage towards a fully organic farming estate including all of the 200 hectares of Tenuta Novare, of which 70 planted. These works of art have been created by the Cracking Art movement which will be visible to the public until the 15thof October.

“The objective of this exhibition is to communicate the value of nature, the respect for the land and the love for what is beautiful because organic winemaking is not only a cultivation method, but a clear way of life. This is where the idea originated to furnish Tenuta Novare in an attempt to involve the vast amount of people that visit Valpolicella, making them reflect and grow. This is the demonstration that art and culture can also be found in an agricultural estate”.

Cracking Art is an exciting and valuable project, proven by its international scale, having found space in some of the major cities of the world including Dubai, Calais, Miami, Shanghai and Bangkok with more than 400 exhibits since 1993.

The theme of this exhibit by Cracking Art is vivacious and coloured, original and interactive, aimed at having a physical impact on the public. All of the creations are characterised by an innovative use of plastic: using recycled plastic means avoiding the toxic and devastating effect on the environment. The decision to use this material for the exhibition involves the innovative aesthetic communication and the expression of an attention to detail when it comes to protecting the environment. 

Attention to detail and respect for the land are core values at the forefront of Bertani’s vision.