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Drying Room in Novare


After rather a difficult vintage, with a mild winter causing early budding in almost all of the Italian winemaking regions, there was a very wet period between May and July, with lower average seasonal temperatures which made the harvest later than in recent years.

The exceptional climate stability in August and September, with sunny days and cool nights, favoured perfect ripening of the grapes, especially from an aromatic and phenolic point of view. The grapes were perfectly healthy at the harvest, with correct sugar levels and lower pH values than the seasonal average, especially for Friuli, Veneto and Tuscany.


With a delay of about 15 days compared to recent years, in Valpolicella we have returned to the “normality” of the 1980s harvests, a fundamental aspect for those looking for elegance, freshness and longevity in wines, like us. The harvest of the grapes for drying started in the third week of September and only in the first week of October for the fresh grapes destined to make Valpolicella wines.

After a rich and concentrated year like 2015, the 2016 vintage will make wines with a slightly paler colour, but extremely elegant, long-lived and with a typical fruity note of fresh cherry and pepper. Also in Valpolicella we have managed to benefit from the unique climate conditions from the middle of August onwards, which enabled a slow but gradual  ripening.

The almost total absence of rain during the entire harvest period enabled us to pick the grapes for drying in the very best conditions. Also the early drying stage has been favoured by these unique climate conditions, with ventilated days and cool nights with low humidity levels.

Also the “second ripening in the field” of the grapes for Novaré went very well: the cane was cut in the middle of September, whereas the harvest will be done during the second ten days of October.