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I VINTAGE secondo James Suckling

Soave was one of the first Italian wines to be recognised as “typical and fine” already in 1931. Bertani’s Soave  was the image of this wine in the world. With the Soave Vintage we would like to make it in the original way but also as a modern Soave

14 Jul, 2018 – Almonds, preserved lemons, gooseberries, white pepper and blossom. Medium body, some fleshy stone fruit and juicy acidity. James Suckling


The history of the Secco-Bertani started with the winery itself, in 1857. This wine created the Verona wine style, using the best techniques of the day and the best grapes available. To remember the historic and winemaking importance of this wine, we have decided to create a “Vintage Edition”, according to the ancient recipe.

17 Jul, 2018 – Lovely aromas of freshly cut herbs, raspberry cheesecake, crushed stones and citrus. Medium body, fine and polished tannins and a fresh, mineral finish with cherry-compote flavors to close. 80% Corvina and 20% Cabernet. James Suckling