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Italian excellence

When talking about Italian wine, the alphabet is very short: ratings of excellence and the highest scores are rarely given to wines that don’t start with a B (Brunello, Barolo, Barbaresco and Bolgheri), but there is always one outside of the range and we need to add the “A” for Amarone to complete the picture of outstanding Italian reds.

Especially when seen from abroad.

Amarone comes from a generous wine land, Valpolicella (in the Verona area), but it is a very young wine.

It was sold for the first time in 1953, DOC recognition arrived in 1963 and the DOCG finally followed in 2010.

In Valpolicella there is an extraordinary and rare combination of healthy Italian enterprise, tradition and winemaking studies, together with the desire to pursue excellence. Among the ‘holy names’, Bertani immediately springs to mind, with a spectacular range of wines since the 1960s, giving you a thrill every time.

From the column Enomania by Andrea Gori, in Business People, October 2015