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The Novarè method

We cultivate our vineyards with a trapezoid planting pattern to maximise shading of the bunches and allow proper ventilation. 
In September, when we do the harvest, we interrupt the flow between plant and bunch: we leave the grapes in the field until the end of October, like they used to do in the past. Sheltered from the sun and cradled by the wind, the bunches start a “second ripening” in the vineyard: the sugar levels stop while the aromas continue to intensify and develop.   

This is how a new “creature”, Novarè, is born; it is the result of an original interpretation of a hundred-year-old experience.

A monovarietal Corvina is a new way of interpreting the territorial values and the beauty of biodiversity in Italy. It is the expression of a unique value of the terroir and the pure essence of Corvina. It is a wine that opposes the continuous research on ever-more technological grape drying and second fermentation, which have standardised the profile of wines in this region today.