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Secco Bertani
Original Vintage Edition

The Secco Bertani Original Vintage Edition pays homage to a memory that has become a collective myth, evoking sensations, emotions and ways of thinking about the past that can enrich the present.

The history of the Secco-Bertani started with the winery itself, in 1857. At the Chamber of Commerce in Verona there is a copy of a historical document that states that the Bertani Valpolicella Valpantena was already being distributed all over the world in 1888, putting it among the best examples of Italian wines. The Secco-Bertani created the Verona wine style, using the best techniques of the day and the best grapes available. To remember the historic and winemaking importance of this wine, we have decided to create a “Vintage Edition”, which takes the spirit of innovation from tradition. The project foresees the reproduction of a Secco-Bertani wine according to the recipe, style and taste of old.
The old recipe says the wine must be produced with 80% of local grape varieties, coming from vineyards in the hills around the historic site, with the addition of 20% of other varieties, as in 1889. After long, cold maceration on the skins, there is “a slow fermentation started by native yeasts from the Bertani winery." Then it is racked when still a little sweet, to allow a further, long and slow fermentation in medium-sized barrels, typically used in the Verona tradition. Then slow ageing for 12 months in barrels made from local wood: cherry and chestnut.