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Soave Bertani
Original Vintage Edition

For many years Soave was the cutting edge in world white wine production and as a consequence one of the top-selling Italian wines in the world. Throughout the years, its success has led to an increase in production and it has been reinterpreted according to more commercial parameters. With this wine, Bertani intended to remain faithful to its production philosophy.

With the Soave Vintage we wanted to reproduce the traditional style that enhanced the sensory properties of the Garganega variety, which was partly fermented on the skins, like red wines, thus enhancing the natural aromatic nature of Garganega.
At the time of the Soave Bertani that was served at King George VI’s coronation lunch, grape selection went without saying: only grapes from the hills were used, there was no need to dry them and they were the best guarantee for making wines with the necessary characteristics to be considered “fit for a king”.

The grapes of the Soave Vintage come from vineyards in the hills with a very sunny, south-facing exposure.
About 40% of the Garganega grapes are picked in the last ten days of September; after crushing, traditional “off-the-skins” fermentation takes place at 14°C.
The rest of the grapes are picked at the end of October, after careful bunch selection; after crushing, fermentation “on the skins” takes place at 20°C, for about 15 days.
At the end the two selections are blended. Ageing takes place in concrete vats covered with glass bricks. This allows a slow, gradual ageing thanks to the constant conditions (temperature and micro-oxygenation) of this “historic” container.