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Valpolicella Valpantena

The name Valpantena means “valley of all the gods” and derives from the pantheon built at the entrance of the valley, which demonstrated that it was recognised for its suitability for agriculture as far back as Roman times.

The Bertani brothers, who came from Quinto di Valpantena, chose to stay in this valley to start their winegrowing business in the middle of the nineteenth century, and planted the first monoculture vineyards in the Verona area. Here they experimented with innovative farming methods that are still used to produce quality today. And here, in Grezzana, the historic winery is still the company’s main headquarters.

Valpantena, northeast of Verona, is a Prealpine valley, three kilometres wide and twelve long, occupying the central part of the Lessini Mountains. It is a superb expanse of calcareous-marl land, containing large amounts of iron. These features give the wines spicy and mineral notes which distinguish the grapes from those grown in the other valleys of Valpolicella. The climate of Valpantena has a considerable temperature range, with large swings between night and day, which, combined with the excellent and prolonged exposure to the sun every day, results in the production of very high-quality fruit. Due to the unique characteristics observed in the grapes and wine, Valpantena has been officially recognised as a “cru” within the Valpolicella Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC), the only one of the seven valleys making up the Valpolicella winegrowing area. We produce our most famous wines, such as the Secco Bertani, Amarone della Valpantena and Recioto, from the grapes grown in the Bertani vineyards (mainly Corvina and Rondinella, but also Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon).