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Le Nogare

Bardolino DOC

The morainal hills of the Bardolino area, the soils from an ancient glacier and the native grapes from the Verona area (Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara) all give this wine freshness, fragrance and richness of taste in a harmony of colours, aromas and flavours that are the most authentic expression of the territory they come from.

Le Nogare

Grape varieties and vineyards

70% Corvina Veronese, 25% Rondinella, 5% Molinara. The vines are Pergola-Veronese trained, with a planting density of 3000 plants/ha and vertical-trellised with Guyot pruning, 5000 plants/ha.

Production area

The grapes are grown in the morainal hills on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, which were formed by the accumulation of rock sediments from the erosive action of the glacier. The soil is made up of mainly gravelly and sandy soils, very rich in minerals.


The harvest is done by hand in the third week of September. Fermentation takes place in steel tanks (wide and shallow, ideal for increasing contact between the must and the skins, limiting mechanical intervention) at a fermentation temperature of 18 and 20°C.


Ageing is done in concrete vats lined with glass bricks in the underground part of the cellar for about 4 months, followed by at least 2 months in bottle.

Tasting notes

A bright ruby-red colour. Intense notes of red berry fruits on the nose (cherry and morello cherry), together with slightly spicy overtones. It is a wine with good weight on the palate, plush, round, with a good structure and rich flavour.

Food pairings

This fruity, fresh and juicy wine is ideal with traditional local dishes, as well as classic and modern Italian dishes. It is excellent with all kinds of pasta dishes (with meat, fish, vegetable and mushroom sauces), with risottos, ravioli and lasagne. It also goes well with grilled poultry, roast meat and stew.