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Verona IGT


Verona IGT

The Novare method is a return to our origins, the valorisation of the natural and unusual qualities of our land and its special link with Corvina.
Everything we do comes from our desire to bring to light the extraordinary heritage of farming knowledge that has taken root in our land through the years. 
Therefore Novare is a new creation, an original interpretation of a unique experience.


Grape varieties and vineyards

Corvina Veronese. The vines are grown in a trapezoid planting pattern to maximise shading of the bunches and allow proper ventilation.

Production area

The Verona hills.


In September, when we do the harvest, we interrupt the flow between plant and bunch: we leave the grapes in the field until the end of October, like they used to do in the past. The bunches start a second ripening in the vineyard: the sugar levels stop while the aromas continue to intensify and develop. Fermentation takes place in steel vats.


In concrete vats.

Tasting notes

Bright transparency of colour and a fresh wine: supple, ruby and low alcohol content. Velvety and crisp aromas that blend herby notes with aromas of ripe fruit, ready to be picked.

Food pairings

It is excellent with full-flavoured pasta dishes, grilled, roast and stewed meat and medium-matured cheese.