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Secco Vintage

Original Vintage Edition

Secco Vintage

Verona IGT

Fashions come and go, style remains.

Bertani’s first wine makes a comeback in its original version.

Secco Vintage

Grape varieties and vineyards

Bertani’s Historic Blend: 80% Corvina, 10% Sangiovese Grosso, 5% Syrah, 5% Cabernet-Sauvignon.

Production area

From vineyards in the hills surrounding the historic winery in Grezzana (Verona). Soil mostly calcareous-marl rich in iron.


Classic fermentation. Long post-fermentation maceration. Devatted when slightly sweet and completes fermentation in wood.


Ageing in the traditional 750-litre “Veronese casks” made of chestnut and cherry wood (18 months).

Tasting notes

A soft wine, with good concentration that combines the complexity with the richness of the international vine varieties, the sapidity and drinkability of the Corvina and the Verona territory.

Food pairings

It is ideal with medium-flavoured pasta and rice dishes, flavoursome white meat or grilled red meat and medium-matured cheeses.