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Bertani presents The Library.

The exclusive vertical collection of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico.

64 years of history.
44 vintages
4 personalities
A unique style.

The birthplace

Corvina vineyards at Tenuta Novare in Arbizzano di Negrar.

The wait

The historic cellar in Grezzana where Amarone della Valpolicella Classico rests for at least 7 years in Slavonian Oak barrels.

The awakening

The bottles of old vintages of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico rest in the cellar. They are extracted by a cellarman, dusted and labeled, only at the time of shipment.

Heritage is history.
History is our style.


In 1923, Bertani received the Royal Warrant of the short-lived Italian monarchy, while in London, our wines were served at the coronation of King George VI in 1937. In the mid-twentieth century, Bertani completed the landmark purchase of the Tenuta Novare estate in the Negrar Valley of Valpolicella, including 65ha (160 acres) of vineyards. It was here that the story of Amarone began, with Bertani’s 50-year search for ‘the wine’: a particularly intense and ageworthy expression of Valpolicella. The first Bertani Amarone vintage was 1958.


All great wines have great personalities, and Bertani Amarone is no exception. The 42 vintages show hugely diverse personalities, each the product of the conditions of a particular year and the winemaking of the era. The tasting notes should make clear which vintages are richer or riper than others, but we created also a classification of four categories that reflects the style and personality of the wines: exuberance, gentleness, harmony and finesse.


  • 1. Exuberance
  • 2. Finesse
  • 3. Gentleness
  • 4. Harmony

These wines showed an extrovert character, usually with intense aromas, rich fruit and an overall sensuality.

These are the rare wines which show finesse in every way: they can be of any body weight or maturity, but they dazzle with their gorgeous aromas and flavours, and possess an effortless complexity and irresistible charm.

These are subtle wines, resolved, at ease, and with a relaxed charm. They are easy to drink, calming and satisfying.

These wines are balanced, classically proportioned, showing grace, equanimity and poise. Usually they show more vibrancy than the gentle wines, but less flamboyance than the exuberant wines. These are closest to the Bertani house style.

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