since 1857
Bertani opens the doors of its centenary winery
01 May 2024

Bertani opens the doors of its centenary winery

Bertani is pleased to announce the opening of its historic centenary winery, after a significant restoration phase of the hospitality area.

Grezzana (Verona) – From May 1st, 2024, Bertani, the historic cellar of Valpolicella, opens its doors after significant enhancement work on the hospitality spaces. The company, founded not far from the charming historic center of Verona in 1857 by brothers Giovan Battista and Gaetano, now part of Angelini Wines & Estates, presents to the public a redevelopment project of over 400 square meters with particular attention to sustainability, in order to welcome guests and wine lovers.

A project that harmoniously combines two fundamental dimensions: the creation of new architecture and restoration, with careful recovery of historical elements partly inspired by the territory (such as colors reminiscent of Verona) and partly sourced from the company’s archives.

This approach has guided the transformation of the spaces and has enabled Bertani to equip itself with three reception areas with different sizes and vocations (Sala Fondatori, Sala Archi, Sala Torchi), all connected by a unique handmade acidified concrete floor that interprets what happens in a place where human work is at the center of its identity.
The project has so immersed itself in Bertani’s historical identity that, while not renouncing a contemporary vocabulary, it manages to assimilate past time, making it its own, in a continuity that is a sign of sensitivity and care for a history that began in 1857. In Sala Archi, characterized by the historic arches of an old building incorporated into the new spaces, guests will be welcomed into a visual-museum path that describes some fragments of Bertani’s history.
From here, you can visit the historic cellar by descending the stairs, now marked by a series of original wicker baskets, followed by an original “arela” where the grapes undergo their “rest period”: at Bertani, every year after the harvest, the healthy and intact bunches are rigorously laid out by hand, one by one, on wooden racks (the “arele”) where they rest for a few months before being pressed.
The architectural project was curated by the Westway Architects studio, under the guidance of Maurizio Condoluci, who comments: “We have rethought the perception of the Cellar place using historical elements of work and production as tools to recount a past that substantiates the present. Our contemporary key intervention has always sought to follow history, living it as an ally that tells of a future always new but capable of enhancing the values of the past.” The visiting experience at Bertani will offer an extraordinary opportunity to immerse oneself in a fascinating history of passion and craftsmanship that began almost two centuries ago: visitors will be guided on a journey to discover the pioneering vision of the founders, an iconic style, and a territory like Valpolicella.
It will be possible to choose between two paths: Valpolicella Classica and The Library Experience, both bookable from the website
The Valpolicella Classica path includes a visit to the historic cellar and a guided tasting of four iconic Bertani wines in their current vintages: Valpolicella Classico Le Miniere di Novare, Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ognisanti di Novare, Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore Catullo, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico.
The Library Experience path will offer the unique opportunity to explore the exceptional collection of historic vintages of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Bertani covering six decades.

Furthermore, in spring 2024, Bertani will open its Wine Club which will give members the opportunity to have advantages on purchases and access unique Made in Bertani experiences.
By registering in the dedicated section of, you will have access to a portal where you can purchase exclusive historic vintages of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico and participate in tasting sessions of vintages that are only offered on special occasions.